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After a few terrible family camping trips, I realized that I needed to step my game up if I was going to have fun on our outings. Instead of heading into the great outdoors with the bare essentials, I invested in a better sleeping bag and food that was made to be easy to cook. It made a huge difference. My family enjoyed better meals, a warmer night's sleep, and even a larger, more stable fire that evening. This blog is all about making camping more enjoyable--especially if you aren't a seasoned camper yourself. Read here to learn how to make your next camping experience the best ever.


Create A Hardscaped Surface On Your Campsite

A portable decking system contains the components necessary to create a hardscaped surface. Installing this type of decking will not require the use of excavation equipment or power tools. If you would like to create an outdoor space that can be used for entertaining or dining while spending time at your campsite, learn about the parts that come in a kit and how they need to be installed. 

Portable Patios Versus Decks

A patio is a hardscaped surface that is installed directly on the ground. A deck is usually installed at an elevated height. The elevated height may add a vantage point that will support the viewing of natural scenery or decor that is next to a deck. A portable patio or deck can be installed directly next to a camper. 

A starter kit will contain directions that will assist with creating a basic patio or deck. With the purchase of portable decking materials that are sold separately from a starter kit, a hardscaped surface can be enlarged and customized. Pieces that are sold separately include modular steps, railings, decking base, and surface materials that can be used to increase the size of a portable patio or deck.

The Parts In A Starter Kit And Installation Tips

Decking materials that are enclosed in a kit will include surface pads or interlocking tiles, anchoring devices, risers, shims, and a tool that can be used to secure base and upper-level pieces. Surface pads are large square or rectangular-shaped pieces. Interlocking tiles are small in size and will need to be aligned next to one another, prior to attaching them together.

Choose to install decking materials directly next to your recreational vehicle or in an area that borders your campsite. If you choose to add a hardscaped surface that is slightly elevated, you will need to secure risers or shims underneath each surface pad or section of interlocking pieces. Risers and shims will add height to each surface pad or section of interlocking pieces. Use a measuring tape to aid with placing all of the decking materials that will rest on the ground.

Anchoring devices that are enclosed in your kit may include structural piers and spikes. Most portable systems contain surface pads or interlocking tiles that are constructed of a composite material that is textured. A composite material will not rot and the texture of each piece will prevent anyone from slipping on the deck or patio that you create. 

Check out local camping supply stores to learn more about portable patio deck kits.