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3 Benefits Of The Bucket Camping Toilet System

If you are planning a camping trip in the great outdoors with little to no access to bathroom facilities, it is important that you have some type of plan in place when it comes to toilets. Sure, you could dig a hole down from your campsite, but that is not always an ideal option. Instead, you can consider the five-gallon bucket with a toilet seat designed to snap on. These portable toilet systems have a variety of great benefits, including the following:

They Are Inexpensive

These toilet systems are very inexpensive, especially when compared to their composting toilet counterparts. If you have an extra five-gallon bucket in your garage or garden shed, you have already shaved some money off of your toilet system. You can purchase the toilet seat in the camping section of any store or at an online retailer. They cost about the same as lunch for two at a fast food restaurant. The only other items you will need are a few trash bags.

It Is Easy To Set Up

These toilets are very easily set up. You simply place two trash bags into the bucket. Next, you simply snap on the toilet seat. When you are ready to use the toilet, place your choice of deodorizer in the bottom of the trash bag, and close the lid when you are finished.

They Are Easy To Deodorize

One problem people may have when they first hear of this waste disposal option is the idea that it will smell bad. If you are prepared, there is a little chance that you will ever smell anything. You don't even have to purchase deodorizer to put inside your toilet; you may already have what you need on hand.

You can use a layer of cat litter each time you use the restroom. The cat litter will absorb the liquid and reduce any smells that may emit from the toilet. If you have sawdust in your yard from a construction project, you can also use it to keep the toilet clean. You will need to layer your choice of product after each use.

You can also purchase a powder that will work to gel any waste that is put into the toilet. You will need to add a scoop each time you need to use the restroom. These chemicals are biodegradable and safe to dispose of in a regular trashcan.

When you dispose of your trash bags, be sure to do so properly. With the exception of using the special chemicals mentioned above, you should dispose of your waste by emptying the bags into a hole and burying it away from any waterways. You can also place it into the black water dump station if you are staying in a campground that has this option available. 

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